The Handbell Musicians of America Resource Library offers a large and growing collection of articles, interactive PDFs, PowerPoint webinars, videos, and more to help you expand your knowledge as a handbell musician. All Handbell Musicians of America resources are available exclusively to our members. They are divided into Educational, Community, and Worship categories, but most groups will find valuable resources in all three categories.

These resources were created as a result of the New Initiatives Project launched in 2010.  We are continually seeking new resources to add to the list.  Learn more about this phase of the project and submit your own proposal for a new resource.

Creating Your Handbell Musician’s Handbook

by Kristin Kalitowski-Kowal   Various topics are provide for use in creating a handbook for the members of your handbell ensemble 

Budgeting for Not-For-Profit Organizations

by Michael McCrary   This resource takes a look at why a gudget is important and why you should create one and provides background information on budgeting, the actual budgeting process, and some common pitfalls to avoid 

The Challenge of Selecting Ringers – Auditions for Community Groups

by Janet Van Valey   There is nothing a community choir does that has a larger impact on its future than the selection of members. This resource discusses components of an audition and assesment of ringing skills. It also includes drills to use during the audition process.

Measure Mania: Rhythm Flashcard Games

by Allison DeMarco Flashcard games in various skill levels used to teach rhythm concepts. Includes flashcards to download and print onto full-size sheets or pre-cut card stock. 

Handchime Curriculum for Schools

by Marilyn Lake A complete handchime curriculum based on the nine content standards in music education. Each lesson is designed to accommodate any length of music class as well as any grade from kindergarten through sixth. Performance pieces are included throughout. 

Lesson Plan: Improvisation with Handchimes

by Paul Weller A lesson plan designed to introduce the concepts of melodic improvisation with handchimes. Includes animated Powerpoint slides.